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Working with Business

iPRD is able to draw from a large knowledge base of internationally-leading chemists and process engineers to develop solutions to problems within the chemical and chemistry-using sectors.

Our industrially-experienced academics are able to offer consultancy, collaborative projects and contractual work to meet your company’s needs.  We are highly flexible in the scope of work we can undertake and provide a fully confidential service to our clients.


Examples of our recent projects are available on our Case studies page.

If your business is a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) we may be able to provide our services free of charge or at heavily discounted rates thanks to our grants from BIS and the ERDF.

Our professional services include:

  • Design of novel syntheses and processes
  • Process optimisation to reduce costs and energy use and increase product quality
  • Development of analytical methods and characterisation of products and unknowns
  • Process understanding and scale-up
  • Product characterisation and sample analysis
  • Provision of 1 kg quantities of product material
  • Extensive training and teaching including IChemE and RSC approved training and both undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities