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Scale-Up Equipment

20 and 50 litre batch reactors, each equipped with:

  • Image shows student working on 25L reactor5 L addition vessel
  • 20 L distillate receiver
  • 1 m2 condenser
  • variable speed agitator motor
  • pitched bladed agitator for reaction scale-up
  • interchangeable retreat curve agitator for crystallisation processes
  • ATEX rated
    • temperature class T4
    • gas apparatus 2C (hydrogen compatible)

Operational temperature range: -20 to 160 oC

Integrated PAT:

  • Temperature sensors (Tr, Tj, condenser jackets, distillate and BOV)
  • Flow meters for heat transfer medium in vessel jackets and condensers
  • Rotation sensors on agitator to monitor agitation rate
  • LabVIEW software enables data mining for profiling batch parameters
  • Compatible with standard probes for reaction and crystallisation monitoring

Dedicated process safety equipment available to support technology transfer into large-scale reactors.