Institute of Process Research and Development

Industrial Club

The iPRD Industrial Club provides a cross-sector forum for developing innovative solutions for the process industries. Members meet twice a year to share their experiences and discuss current challenges in chemical manufacture.

The Industrial Club gives member organisations an opportunity to:

  • Learn of new process technologies being developed within Leeds and beyond.

  • Highlight generic cross-sector challenges in chemical manufacture.

  • Develop research collaborations to suit (single- or multi-organisation projects).

  • Interact with experts in process, organic, physical organic and environmental chemistry, catalysis, crystallisation and reactor engineering.

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer, confidentiality agreements and licensing discussions.

Member benefits
  • A one day spring symposium which includes a conference dinner for members and invited speakers (previous symposium topics include Green Chemistry, Crystallisation, Intensive Processing, Process Optimisation and Process Modelling)

  • A full day autumn meeting where iPRD showcases projects and new technologies under development

  • Technology alerts

  • Workshops and training courses

  • Access to student CVs

  • Password protected members web area

Membership fees are:

  • £3,000 per annum for large companies
  • £1,000 per annum for SMEs

Please contact Prof John Blacker if you wish to discuss Industrial Club membership.